Multiple row deletion not possible in Safari and Chrome for iMac

Hi all,

Thought I would mention that it is not possible to select and delete multiple rows at once in Safari and Chrome for iMac by using the right-mouse click. The issue means that if I need to delete rows, I have to select and delete them individually.

I have tested Firefox and it works fine.

Hi, this is very strange. Although we recommend using SeaTable in the Chrome browser, it shouldn’t have any problem on a Mac. We’ll test and come back to you.

Hi Kalrheinz,

An update on this issue. Normally, I use shift + click on my mouse to call up the right-click options. I have changed my mouse settings so that clicking on the right side of the mouse (I have Apple’s Magic Mouse) opens the right-click options. And this then makes the pop-up menu work.

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