My base crash when i scroll down to 100 record and returns blank when we try to filter by API

Hi all!

We are moving from airtable to seatable because of record limits, we are now using the enterprise cloud service and we are having problem with a task base, when I scroll down to the record 100ish it crashes and the page goes blank, we also conected the base via a API to a friendly front and we we try to filter via API it returns blanks.

Hope you can help me im very newbish in this area.


Could you post an animated gif here of your problem? (I recommend screen2gif for this purpose.)

Have you checked if it is a specific problem with this base? Have you copied your data in a new base and tested if the problem persists?

What does the browser console say? Any hint for a problem?

Here is a video link of the problem:

And also attach some photos of the console log

Hi,just wanted to let you know we found the problem, it was de “archives” column, we conected the seatable base to another front and we think someone put a crashed file or something like that, we have ereased the column and everything works fine.

Hope this helps solving if someone have the same problem.

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