N8n correct deployment

I’ve read a few articles explaining N8n deployment however I’m fairly new to server administration so wanting to get it right. I use Ubuntu server 20.04 and docker compose to run my seatable instance. I left the ports as 80:80 and 443:443. N8n documentation says it uses those ports. If I deploy according to their instructions (its like only a few commands in terminal) will this conflict with my seatable deployment? I am unsure of how to deploy them side by side so they communicate so any help for a newbie is much appreciated. I can research and figure out recipes later I just don’t want to mess anything up

Speaking from my experience: If you install SeaTable and n8n according to their default server configurations there will be no conflict.

For instance, if you have localhost for your SeaTable instance and the n8n uses localhost:5678 by default, they can both start and work together without a problem.

But as my test with n8n was blocked and not thorough, I might be wrong! Please if someone has more experience, correct me!

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