[n8n] existingAssetArray is not iterable when uploading several files


Hi everyone, I found this topic while looking for my problem, and it’s actually the same problem but the proposed solution doesn’t work for my particular case because I’m trying to upload several files…

After digging a bit, I just realized that the Append to column option has to be unchecked for the first file, but check for the next ones, which is not really obvious (is it a bug ?)

For now, here is a pretty simple workaround:

  • Adding a Loop over Items node before your Upload node
  • Configure the Append to column option of your Upload node as an expression (not fixed) with the following expression : {{ $('Loop Over Items').context["currentRunIndex"]!=0 }} (don’t forget to adapt it with the actual name of your Loop Over Items node’s name !)


I uploaded a new version of the community node (v1.5.4). Now the errors with the “upload files” node should be fixed.

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