N8n-node-seatable "get many" row limit

I am working with the new n8n seatable node a lot recently and found it very annoying, that there is a hard coded row limit of 1000 in the “get many” action.
Is it possible for you to remove this restriction and rely on the configurable sql select limit instead?

	let requestRows = await seaTableApiRequest.call(
			table_name: tableName,
			view_name: viewName,
			limit: 1000,

Would it be an option to use the http node and make a pagination loop, instead?

Could work.
Why not both, configurable limit and then pagination if the results exceeds the limit.

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Thanks for your feedback regarding the “get many” module of the n8n node.

1. Why I decided to select this endpoint

I decided to use this endpoint to support “views”.

If I had used the SQL endpoint, I would have had no support for views. Then, as a consequence the selected row endpoint only supports max 1.000 rows (https://api.seatable.io/reference/list-rows). This cannot be increased by selecting a limit.

2. Does it make sense to get more than 1.000 rows?

In general I would argue that it is not reasonable to request more than 1.000 rows in n8n.

Probably it might help, if you share your workflow in this forum.


If you cannot increase the limit I guess pagination would be the best way.

It totally makes sense to call more than 1000 rows. I use it right now to check a couple of thousand domains for a correct DNS record. I already increased the api limit per base per day to 50k and I use the loop module with a batch of 5 to slow it down a bit to avoid the api-calls-per-minute limit.

Great ! Thanks for sharing .

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