Need specific tutorial for deploying to digitalOcean

I have about 15 users. We will pay for the annual license but we want to deploy to our DigitalOcean Droplet in Singapore.

  1. If the file is offline (in my pc), how do I upload this?

Save the license file in the directory /opt/seatable/seatable-data/seatable How do I achieve this in digitalOcean droplet?

Is there any 1 click deployment to digitalOcean?

  1. Should I get developer or enterprise version?
  2. Do you have sync table feature like airtable?

Thanks in advance!

I’m no expert in DigitalOcean, so I’m here to answer the last two questions.

It matters if the paid features in the Enterprise Edition (EE) is what you need.
You can take a look at Prices | SeaTable and check out the EE features. For 15 users we could have a special offer for you. Please contact for a quotation.

A similar feature is called “Common datasets” in SeaTable. It’s more intelligent and intuitive than Airtable and lets you share a portion of your data across bases in different groups. In this screenshot there’s a small introduction:

SeaTable offers more data types and is more intelligent and reliable than Airtable, apart from the fact that SeaTable is the only solution that lets you self-host. Did you already know that we even have a nice script to let you easily migrate your bases from Airtable to SeaTable?

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It said “can access exported dataset and import the records…” But my question is whether the data is synced? Any changes in customer table will be automatically reflected to the support table.


Yes, a CDS imported into a base can be synced (see screenshot below).

Note: Imported CDS have the CDS icon in front of their name.

Two important buts:
1.) The sync is not automatic. You need to hit “sync with dataset” to refresh the data in the imported CDS.
2.) It’s a one-way sync. Changes you make in the imported CDS are overwritten the next time you “sync”.

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