New Feature: Filter by current ID

Hi all!

to be honest, this is not a new feature at all. But since probably most users have overlooked this possibility so far, I would like to introduce it to you now. Filter by current ID is a dynamic filter and shows only the entries that contain your ID.

I will make an example:

Suppose you have a task list and each team member should only be able to see his tasks. Of course, you can do this with the column type Collaborator and then set an appropriate filter. But this procedure has one disadvantage: to add a teammate as a collaborator, he/she must have access to this base. But probably you would rather not grant access to the base.

It could be easier and better to filter by your user ID. Every admin can set the ID of a user in the team administration. Then you can enter the IDs of your colleagues in a text column and then create a view that only shows the entries that contain your ID.


Quite simple, isn’t it?

This filter is quite similar to include the current user of the Collaborator column.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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