New Page Design Plugin (2 bugs)

I encountered 2 bugs with the Page Design plugin (latest version of plugin and DE self-hosted).

1.) When using the export to PDF function only the current record is printed (I cannot be completely sure but I think this did work with all records in previous versions).

2.) When using the print function and the option to print to PDF from there, all records are printed as expected but there is an empty page printed between each record. This behavior was already there with older plugin or DE versions. It can ofc be cleaned after export but creates unnecessary efforts and a lot of confusion with less tech-savy users and customers.

The feature is removed in a previous version. Export to PDF for all records at the server side will take too much resource and can’t work reliably.

Here are my tests for a multiple pages template with Chrome:

  1. A4 Vertical, Print to PDF using the system dialog → OK
  2. A4 Vertical, Download as PDF → OK
  3. A4 Horizontal, Print to PDF using the system dialog → Extra empty pages
  4. A4 Horizontal, Download as PDF → OK

For case 3, if I set margin as None in the printing dialog, no empty pages will be printed.

I see. It’s a pity but ofc understandable. Maybe it makes sense to remove the button altogether then? Or do you see many use-cases where people would want to export a single record to PDF?

Interesting. Your margin hint brought me to experiment with it a little more and it seems like the SeaTable print dialogue is handing a wrong paper size to the browser print system. I tested this with Safari und Firefox as well. Interestingly when choosing US Letter as a page size in the printer dialogue (system/browser) everything fits the page as expected (even with margins). Also when creating a custom page size with 222mmx297mm (hence giving the page more space) it also works (this is without margins). It’s good to have a workaround but is it possible that this can be corrected with an upcoming update maybe?

Another remark for the Page Design Plugin. When using the “All records in view” option the format settings are not consistent with the ones in the table view. For example comas as separators are ignored (always dots), enforce precision is not carried over, custom colors are ignored and custom currency symbols are simply not displayed. I haven’t tried all possible combinations of fields and formats but those few I know for sure.

Can you tell me the version of your page design plugin?

Sure, it’s 1.0.95. As far as I can see this is the latest version available.

OK, thank you very much.