New registrations in Docker version


I’m using SeaTable Developer Edition 1.5 from Docker Hub.

I checked the “allow new registrations” option in settings and got the “Signup” link on the frontpage, but it leads to the missing page with “Sorry, but the requested page could not be found” description on it.
I also tried to invite users by link to a base, but it leads to the same page.

Am I missing something?


I’m no expert in the deployment of DE in Docker, but I think the registration page and the page to register per invitation must be built first…If I’m wrong, anyone correct me please!

We will check the problem.

You can add ENABLE_SIGNUP = True in to solve the problem.

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Thank you Daniel, it works!

Worked !
Needs to be added in the manual

It is documented in the manual here:

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Indeed, I just find that these options to be added in the config file seem a bit … nerdy, instead of a clickbox in the UI.
especially for this kind of first line option, as user registration.

Perhaps the checkbox in the settings UI could be disabled unless ENABLE_SIGNUP = True in to not lead to such surprises.

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