New topic under "Announcements" or creating a specific category to inform about the features that will be in the next version of SeaTable


I would like to suggest creating a specific topic or category to inform users of the new features that will be present in the next versions of SeaTable to prevent people from eventually suggesting improvements that are already in development or about to be released.

I’m sorry If this is not a good idea.

Thank you for all the hard work!

Have a nice time you all.

Hi there and thanks for the suggestion.

The development of SeaTable is very dynamic and we don’t want to constrain our room for maneuver by publishing a concrete plan.

We’d like to keep it the way it is: If someone has an idea and feels like posting it, we’ll react to. Just the way I react to your post.

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No problem, that makes sense!

Thank you for the clarification.

Have a nice time!

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