Nginx issues after docker-compose down?

I wonder if it’s possible to get a Seatable installation working after wiping containers.

Somehow, I always ran into the nginx config file missing issue after downing containers.


  1. Setting up a working Seatable instance with SSL
  2. docker-compose down
  3. docker-compose up -d
  4. run seatable start script
    → missing nginx file issue

This also applies to using the restart script from the autostart docs as it does the same thing. Is this to be expected?

Is it because the SSL-cert isn’t setup again with the mysql-data and seatable-data folder being in place and is there a command to setup SSL again after the initial setup?

If I run docker exec seatable /templates/ init after starting Seatable it finishes with:
Auto init letsencrypt failed, delete nginx config anyway. Please check your Domain and try again later, now quit.

But after that the nginx error is gone and the table accessible again.
I must be doing something wrong though, as this is not documented and it looks like it should work without that step?

Hey flothus,

the steps you describe “setup a working instance, docker-compose down, up -d , start” definetely work. These are the steps that are executed during a backup and therefore well tested.

Please provide me more information:

  • SeaTable developer or enterprise?
  • do you use an own nginx proxy or the built-in nginx of SeaTable?
  • what do you do in addition to these steps? Otherwise a docker-compose down and up should work.