No Images in Kanban or Gallery View

Hi! Considering moving from Airtable to Seatable. Imported my first base, and worked quite good. But I am missing images on the cards in the gallery view and also in Kanban view. Only get a placeholder Thumbnail?

Bug or missing feature?

Thanks and alle the best!

You didn’t provide a complete set of info (please read first) Example: Are you on SeaTable Cloud or SeaTable self-hosted. Which browser do you use? How are your images imported - as links or as files? …

So it is difficult to offer good help.

What I could do is a basic feature test and it works just fine in SeaTable Cloud:

Hi rdb,

so I am at Cloud, testing the free account. I realized, that there are image thumbs in table view, but only placeholders everywhere else (detail view, gallery, kanban. But when clicking on it it shows the right image in the viewer. I imported the base yesterday, so I think the thumbs should already have been generated?


Did you import the images in a file column or an image column?

Did you import the images as files or as links? (I guess you used XLSX/CSV import/export. In this case, the images are still saved at Airtable and you have only added a link.)

I used the Importer script from the forum.
The image url on seatable:

List view thumb shows up, detail page (kanban, gallery) not, in viewer it’s there.

Your base contains a column named “Bild” (German for “image”), but the column type is “file”.

Please convert the file column in an image column:

This should fix the issue.

Ah, OK, thanks. Will need to reimport, when changing type to from file to image entries get lost.

Will give it a try. Have nice day!