Not all data is loaded 2

Good afternoon! Tell me, what could be the problem? Does it happen again in anyone?

I have a common data set that is shared for a specific group. When importing data, all values are loaded into the table except for the “Formatted Text” column type.

If you look at the general data set from the workspace, then the data in the set is filled in.

What could be the reason?
Version 4.0. Self-Hosted.
translated using Yandex :grinning:

Help me figure it out, please, the problem has not been solved…

It seems to me that I have figured out the reasons for the error… Now SeaTable, when re-syncing with a shared data set, constantly shows that the synchronization was successful (green check mark).

Previously, when re-syncing, an error appeared, something like “the synchronization limit has been exceeded”, now he writes that everything is fine, but synchronization does not occur…

Is this a “bug” or an “advantage”?

Check your log files for errors.

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