Notes Field | Add Shortcut CTRL+K insert Link

It would be very useful if you could use the shortcut “STRG+K” to insert a Link to a selected text in the “notes” field.

Please specify your request. What do you mean by “notes field”. Are you talking about a particular column type or the commenting function?

It’s the “formatted text” column field
you already can insert links, but the shortcut is missing.

Wanted behaviour:

Select a textpassage and press “STRG+K” -->opens insert link dialog

CTRL + K usually means deleting a line. So I think it is not a good shortcut for inserting link.

The shortcut itself could be another, but I use this one in Google Docs/Mail, so I suggested it.

(Just to be clear, in no way do I expect my intervention to sound rude, it is not the intention, I was just really curious, if it sounds like I am being rude, I apologize, it is in no way my intention).

Sorry to intrude, but in what environments (excluding programming) are you referring to the shortcut in question usually being used to delete a line?

I am asking this because in my reality (involving computer) usually CTRL + K means inserting a hyperlink, for example in Word, Excel, Google Docs, Sheets, here on the forum, email providers etc.

To summarize:

When programming: CTRL + K = delete a line.
When using the program: CTRL + K = insert hyperlink.

Thank you for your help and attention!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

Have a nice time you all!

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Thanks for the information.

You are right. Because I usually work in programming environment, (for example, using a terminal), I naturally link “CTRL + K” with deleting a line.

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