Nothing new yet

I just came to seatable
Nothing much has changed.

I was hoping that field for phone no will be added so that one can directly call, sms, or what’sapp contact directly from seatable just like email field.

The design doesn’t look as appealing and intuitive as Airtable.

The S/N column is too much.

I use mobile version more.
When I freeze a column in desktop it doesn’t freeze in mobile.

Also, the date field should be designed so that one cam format as one deem fit.
Either just month and day with no year attached ( mmm d) or any of such variations.

Hey Kingsley,

From our point of view, SeaTable is developing rapidly, and it is worth taking a look at our release notes.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot respond to all individual requests (telephone column, individual design of the date column).

What do you mean with the S/N column?

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