Notification from formular column

I want to generate a notification if a given date plus 180 day is reached.
Here is what worked for me:

if(and({letzte C-Impfung}),{letzte C-Impfung}+180,"")

This generates a new date which I can use in notifications.


But in the next column I do the same, but the new (+180 days) column does not appear in the notifications data column.
I also tried “dateAdd”. It gave the correct numbers but also the column did not appear.
Both columns {letzte C-Impfung} and {Genesen} are date columns.
Why does the new column not appear?

First things first: When handling dates, I suggest you always use the dateadd() function: {date_column} + 180 does not always give you the result you expect. dateadd() is the correct way for adding/subtracting time to a date/date-time column.

Please make sure that the results in your formula column are interpreted as “date” columns (see screenshot below).

Thank you rdb,

Even with this formular


the re-deteicing gives a string as format.
The other first mentioned column also is detected as string, but sill works in the notifications

The result type is identified as string because your first row has “” in it. That’s a string. When you change the sorting such that the first row contains a date, the result type will be identified as date.

(I don’t understand what the and() function is doing in your formula.)

I am not sure what you mean by it does not work in the notifications.

Its so easy, of course. The problem was solved by entering a date in the first row, so re-detecting successfully detected the type “date”.
“I am not sure what you mean by it does not work in the notifications.” - I watened to state that the new column was not shown in the “Create notification rule” trigger conditions as a date column.

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