Notifications "Notify to" only ID of current user or all?


I got a question concerning the notification rules. Which I can not test currently, as this is allready an active used database.

I want employees to be notified if the status of a project is changed by management from “On-Hold” to “To be proceeded”. There is only one employee per row, as he was the one to enter the project idea into the table via webformular.

I can add a filter to his creator idea, but will this work for “Notify to”.Because, I would like to use the same Template for all employees and not create a template for every single user.

For example:
Karen puts in a new idea into the base, using her ID. This idea gets approved by managemend for further actions. The trigger for the automation is “ID of current user” and “Approval of management”. The automatic notification “Notfiy to” is clicked for all three employees of the team “Karen, Mike and Oscar”. Will now all three receive a notification for this idea or only Karen?