Number Formats with different views in Zapier Integration

We have a calculation Table in SeaTable wich shows a lot of number fields and formulars.
All fields are formatted in SeaTable so that a euro price is displayed.
But in the Zapier integration, the Number fields without the formatting end up as a pure number (500), but the formulas as a Euro number (€ 1,895.15).
In the downstream system in Zapier, however, I only need the numbers (1895.15). In the Seatable view of the calculator, however, the values should always be in euros.
Do I now have to duplicate each formula value with a formula and format it as a “number only” or is there another way?
Of course I could work with Zapier Formatter, but that would “cost” a large number of tasks per quote for each formula individually.

You outline the two possible approaches in your issue. There is no other option.

Thank you for your feedback.
A quick question - why is the behavior regarding formatting, or the transfer of formatting to zapier, so different between number fields and formula fields?

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