output info from line in other table if certain status

I have a table of customer requests. In addition to information such as name, telephone, e-mail, various statuses are also stored in one line via a single selection. E.g. “Sold” status. Now I would like to automatically output data from customers who have sold status in another table. I think I’m thinking too complicated and can’t find the solution. Hope someone can help me.

Why do you want to copy a filtered list in a separate table? Why don’t you just create a view? Add a new view, specify a name, and set the filter “Status” is equal to “Sold”. Anytime you need this list, just open the table and select this view. Done.

If you insist on copying data to another table - again, in most cases - this is NOT needed - you do the above, you create a common dataset (CDS) on this view and then import this CDS into a new table.