Own field for addresses

Of course I can add a field for street number, city, zip code, state, country, etc.

But this requires a lot of space.

You can create your own table for customers with addresses, but if a customer has 2 addresses the whole thing becomes confusing.

So my idea is to implement a plugin or general s fieldtyp to enter his address data. Among other things to use Google Maps so that you don’t enter the address wrong.

Which also makes the selection of the Seatable forms much easier.

Do I understand you correctly: You request an address field which validates the user’s entry against a public registry (i.e., Google Maps)? If not, please specify your feature request more precisely.

Regarding your comment on managing multiple customer addresses in SeaTable, I think that SeaTable brings everything to your table that you need to prevent confusion. Use a single select field to label addresses as either private, business, delivery, invoicing, … In other words, besides the address column, add an extra column for the type of address. That’s how addresses are managed in Odoo, an open source CRM, for instance.

yes this is what i want!!

Thanks for the clarification.

We’ll see what we can do. I wouldn’t count on it though in the next 12 months.