Page Design : can not change font size of single select

Small bug and its way around :

In plugin Page Design, I could not change font size of a Table Field Single Select although it was displayed as Text (not Label).

Reason was I changed column type (from text to single select) after Page Design layout.

Way around : delete table field on Page Design, change back the column type from Single Select to Text and again and then rebuild the Page Design layout.

That’s it.
(+ I wish there was also an option ‘display as Text’ for multiple Select to be able to change font size)

What you could also do is:

  • Leave the single select column in place
    -Create another column as a formula (the format will automatically be string)
  • Embed this new column in PageDesign
    Screenshot: column on the left (single select) is referenced by the column on the right (formula):
    Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-26 um 11.55.58

Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-26 um 11.56.27


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