Page design Columns are empty when exporting as PDF

I added some Columns to a view and then made them visible in my page design Layout.

Everything is fine with that
But if i Export to PDF the columns are empty:

How can i fix this?

I tried to reproduce your problem. This is what the documents looks like before any edits.

Then I added two columns in the linked table and added those to the table in the template. This is the result:

Could you explain in a bit more detail what you did? Do you use the view element “all records in view” or the table field “<column_name>(Table)”?

Hi, sorry it seems i slept on your answer.
Ich have a Library table with the basic information, wich is then pulled in an other table via an formula. From there its mirrored in an other Formula to get rid of the grey background shadow for printing.

This all happens in the same base, because synced tables dont stay synced if I copy the base.

In the page design layout i use the “all records in view” element to print my table.

Things i tried to fix my issue:

  • ofc reloading etc

  • displaying the original formula value (also empty)

  • Copying the wohle base ( did not fix my issue but deleted the pictures in my library)

  • deleting my columns and rebuilding the formula

I noticed, that when i use the print function instead of the PDF function the columns actually display what they should. Only that then i have no pictures (see on the left in the last Screenshot).

I hope this info helps a little

I tried to fix it in the Library table with the basic data:

If I duplicate the columns they are empty as well