Page Design Custom Size Unit & Ability to Change Page Size Of Existing Template

Hello , I am trying to create a report for Rows using A5.

as we can see, the default size of paper comes in “inch” unit.

However, when we choose custom, the number looks totally different. ( 794 x 1123 )

May i know which unit does 794 x 1123 represent?

Secondly, ability to change page size for existing template will be added feature. Currently, while we are creating a template , some time page size which we have selected originally does not fit all the records and we have to recreate a new template and restart everything again instead of changing page size.

Thanks for the report! Before anyone could answer the unit question (My guess: it’s Points), I’d like to point out that the “Letter” size has been misspelled as “Latter”. This issue has been reported.

The Page Design plugin is far from perfect yet, thus users feedback like yours are highly appreciated!

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if anybody know the answer, please assist to post here… I would like to create a A5 size template… but i do not know which size to use when using “custom” option

The custom size is defined in pixels.

794 x 1123 is A4 (a ratio of 1.41).

Hence 397 x 561 is A5.


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