Page Design - extra pages and aggregated fields in linked table values

  1. Some of our orders may have a few “order items” but some several dozen. So, there is a need to automatically create a new page as not everything will fit on one page.
    When experimenting with linked table (SeaTable cloud) for creating invoices one can find an option “Add extra pages if placeholder does not fit all records”. In the screenshot below we have 6 records with option enabled but order items are still trimmed.

Is this a bug or my understanding is different ?

  1. We need to have a subtotal of all records in “Total Price” column. Since there is no dynamic element positioning, simple using field element is not a solution for orders with different orders items (records).
    Workaround with creating tens of templates is not a solution here also.
    I haven’t found an option to append a calculated field to the end of the linked table in page design template - which seems to be the best solution.
    Can somebody share a method how to create “multi-item” invoice in SeaTable?
    Thank you.

Please post a screenshot of the result when printing.

I am not aware of an easy way as of yet.

I was not aware of - extra pages are generated while printing.
Thank you.

To switch from our book inventory made in MS Access to SeaTable we would need to have a certain things working. Without proper invoicing it might be a bit difficult.
Any directions ?

We will try to improve this in this month by allowing automatically flow elements beside the table when printing.


Thank you.
Your answer gave me the idea of creating something like a table footer (maybe even additional table header ?) where in a extra placeholder attached to the table we could drag and drop all elements and table fields especially link formulas.
Through this we could simply create not only invoices with subtotals, discount, shipping, totals etc. but it could open up much more possibilities in many tasks, where there is a need for dynamic positioning.

Is it something similar to what you meant by “automatically flow elements beside the table when printing” ?

SeaTable 3.4 is out now and comes with an improved page design plugin. The plugin now supports the dynamic positioning of elements, meaning elements may be pushed down/to the next page as elements higher up on the page are longer than the defined placeholder. Can you check if this solves your problem?

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