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I’m trying to use Page Design for creating invoices.
I would like to have “Discount” column hidden only when the field is empty. Similarly for “Shipping cost” column. See 2 (out of 4 possible cases) screenshots below, when “Discount” filed is empty:
Screenshot (662)
and Discount = “10%”:
Screenshot (663)

How can this be achieved in SeaTable ?

The page design plugin itself does not support conditionality.

You’d have to work with formula columns which result in “” when there is no value in the discount/shipping column. Then use the formula element on the template.

This said, this is not a great solution. Why? The page design plugin does not support dynamic element positioning either. The “Total” line will not be able to move up and down depending on the position of the elements above. It will sit in a fixed position.

Thank you.

Yes, i’m aware of this problem with positioning also.
Hmmm…What about designing 4 different invoices (for all cases) separately.
Can i use one “button” that only selects the invoice that meets the conditions ?

This would work. You’d have to use four buttons though - one for each case - because, you’ll guess it, the button does not support conditionality yet.

Instead to guess one can create prompt fields as below :slight_smile:

Are you planning on implementing this feature this year or later ?

It’s relevant for many use cases that’s certain.

Very happy to read.
A conditional button can open up many new possibilities.

I think the problem of this topic is solved.
With a new conditional button feature and recently released versatile action button we could improve that functionality.
So, we are waiting :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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