Page Design OK, PDF with errors

I use Cloud Enterprise.

When I view a record in Page Design, everything looks good but when I create a PDF using a button, the PDF has two problems:

  1. Numbers are rounded down to the nearest integer if the number has 00 after the comma (I use the German number format)
    e.g. 841,00 € becomes 841 €

  2. With one template, numbers are displayed as 0 even though Page Design shows the numbers displaying correctly.

Please note: When I use the “Print” button in Page Design and save a PDF, everything looks fine. The problem only affects automatic PDF generation (that is, clicking the “PDF” button in Page Design or using a button in a column that also creates a PDF.

I have had a similar problem to this before, which @daniel.pan thankfully fixed. In this situation, the problem was that the column names were invalid (.). I have checked and this is not the case.

Column names: I have used formulas to concatenate the values from other columns into displayable text because I wanted the €-sign to display after the number.
Some of the column names use:

  • ( ), e.g. “Preis-format (brutto)”
  • German characters, e.g. “Übertrag”
    Are these acceptable characters?

Everything was working fine until recently.

I confirm the issue. It is releated to this change in SeaTable 4.1.

We’re on it and will provide a fix shortly.

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for your quick response. I must say that I am relieved that the cause of the problem wasn’t me :laughing:

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HI there! We have patched the system.

Sorry for the inconvenience!