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Content that shows in the Page Design plugin does not print to PDF.

When I look at a record in the Page Design editor, it displays the content of all required fields correctly. But when I export as a PDF through the download button, some but not all fields are empty.
I did a test with another template and found that the exact same fields do not display.

Please note, if I print the document on to paper using the “print” button in Page Design or use my printer’s option to save it as a PDF, all of the fields are printed. So, it seems to only impact the option to save directly to PDF.

Am Cloud enterprise user
The issue is not browser or OS dependent (I use MacOS, the issue was flagged up by a Windows user)
I cannot say how long this problem has persisted but it must be since the middle of May.

Has anyone else noticed this problem with the PDF export for page design? Perhaps it has already been flagged up, although I can’t find any specific references to my issue.

Which fields are not printed?

This is what i did just now:

My test page design page does not include all column types, but most of them. I did not encounter any problems.

Hi there,

I have encountered an almost similar problem. Whenever I’m on Chrome/Brave, every now and then the whole content of the page will be empty. I have all my border designs and such but no data. A workaround for this was to hit edit, done, and then export again. This fixes it in my case. Another workaround I found was switching to Firefox. I have not encountered this problem in Firefox yet. I did encounter a different bug though. Field with a colored background do not show the color while exporting.


I have only encountered this bug in Firefox, no problems at all in Chrome/Brave. We have tested this on 3 different devices and they all encounter the same problem.

Is this related to PDF export?

Hi Rdb,

Please note once again that the “print” function in Page Design works fine. Only the “export” to PDF function in SeaTable is the one that is causing problems (this is also a problem if I use a button to create a PDF). If I use my computer’s “save to PDF” function, that also works fine.

One missing set of data in the PDF is the street address and number. In the table, there is a linked record (“company name”) to another table and the “street address” column is a lookup of that “company name” column. However, the “postcode and city” column (also a lookup of “company name”) does display.

The other missing columns are prices for courses, also lookups. They reference a “Course name” column, which is a linked record to a “Courses” table. The prices are lookups of that “Course name” linked record column. These lookups are then passed through other formula columns to work out net price, VAT and gross price. None of the prices are displayed in the export PDF but work fine in the printed version.

See screenshots
In Page Design

Export PDF:

I used the button to create the PDF. I opened the document in Chrome. Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

I will do a test and see if it is browser or OS dependent. However, I doubt this is the case as the issue was flagged up to me by someone using Windows. I just did a test on Firefox and Google Chrome on imac: same result. Will look into Windows.

Although nothing has changed to the coding or structure of the tables and Page Design templates since May, this error is occurring.

I would be more than happy to allow you access to the system to have a look at the tables and see if there is something wrong with my code/columns.

In SeaTable 4.0, the way how the row data is fetched when creating PDF has been changed. For complex link formula, data may be fetched wrong.

Can you try if you can reproduce the problem in If it can be reproduced, just send me an invitation of the base via private message.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, you want me to reproduce it in cloud seatable even though I already use
How about if I post the structure and formulas for the various columns here? You can tell me if it is defective?

Can you just share the problematic base with me?

Thanks Daniel

Have sent you a DM.

I can reproduce the problem now with the shared base. We will give it a check.

You can fix the problem by correct formula in the base:

  1. Double { in the beginning of the formula

  1. Another double { in the beginning of the formula

hi daniel

thank you for your quick reply and also for solving the problem with the prices.

There was still one issue, and that was with the address: The “Unternehmenstraße” didn’t display. However, I had a feeling I knew what the problem was. The column referenced by “Unternehmenstraße” had a . in it. I deleted it and it now works. Clearly the . was added before it was disallowed by ST.

Thanks for your work


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