Page design plugin is great but tables are a mess :)

I have a base where I’m adding people in one sheet, capabilities in another and their expertise levels in each capabilities is added next to each person by linked content
I’m then creating a page for each people where i want to list all their capabilities like :slight_smile:

Expert in :

Beginner in :

That works, but sadly, it’s really a mess due to heterogeneity of the levels.
The page layout is defined by regions that will receive each table.
I would like to insert just the table starting points, and they would be one after the other, adapting the layout based on their contents, even over multiple pages.

In addition, when I’ doing a TXT insertion, I have no possibilities to format the text (separator, new line between each item, …) and also the content is restricted to the area you are defining and not adapting to the content.

could you please consider adding a new way of designing the page that would create a page with just starting points for each table or listing, and create pages without areas restrictions.

thanks a lot !

We will improve upon the page design plugin.

For as long as the plugin does not have the features you want, why don’t you place every table on a separate page? Multiple pages are now supported by the page design plugin.

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I have done it that way, but when one list as only one item, for first person, but dozen for the next one, that’s really not suitable for a good synthesis.

The elements in page design plugin are positioned stationary by their X coordinate value and Y coordinate value. Supporting such a floating layout requires a totally new plugin, which we don’t have a plan to add yet.

ok, hopefully, that would make sense for enough people to add that in your plugin :wink:

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