Page design prints only first record when printing "all records in view"

In preview I can switch through the records, everything seems fine. But when I try to print what I see, only the first page has data, followed blank pages. The number of pages hits exactly the number of records. No matter if I try to download as PDF or via print dialogue - empty pages, this is sooo … to see it work perfectly on the screen, but failing to hardcopy

Please specify if you use SeaTable Cloud or SeaTable Server and if the latter which version. A screenshot of your page design template also helps. (Generally, please consult this article:

SeaTable Cloud.
I tried several tables and build several designs (so I doubt a screenshot would help), but all I get are blank pages, except for the first page. On the screen it’s working perfectly fine. Every page shows another record. Only the print function screws it up.

Which browser do you use? Firefox?

If you had posted a screenshot, I would not have to ask another time.

We did not write the “before your post” article just for fun.

Has your problem vanished? Can we close it?

Do you want to share with the community what you did?

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