Page Design - resolution of background image when inserted as "file"

We need to create certificates of attendance for multiple training courses
Each certificate for each different course has a different background (effectively the entire certificate minus variables such as name, date, code, which come from seatable)
In order to avoid needing multiple templates and multiple buttons, one for each training course plus one button each, I am experimenting with loading the backgrounds from a “Background” column of the type image - The background then only needs to be uploaded into the “Background” column and is dynamically inserted into Page Design

Whereas inserting a static image works fine, the resolution of an image drawn from the “Background” column is not good. As you can see below.

There also seems to be a limit on file sizes. When a large file is uploaded, it is displayed with a “?”


Is there any way to set the resolution of images uploaded to columns?
What different file types can be used as backgrounds?

Any ideas what can do? Dynamically inserting the backgrounds via a file column rather than having multiple templates with static image backgrounds would be a real space saver.

We will check the issue in this week.

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Is there any news on this issue?

We will update this thread when there are results.