Page Designer - "Field deleted" on PDF export

I’m encountering a strange bug with Page Designer and the PDF export. Some dynamically filled values export as “Field deleted” on the PDF although they are showing up perfectly fine within the plugin (and are not deleted ofc). The fields do show up properly though when using the print dialogue.

This is how the preview within the Page Designer plugin looks like:

And this is how it looks on the exported PDF:

As you can see, some fields work just fine and others trigger the bug without any recognizable pattern to it.

This is on Self-Hosted DE 3.1 with Page Designer 1.0.99

Also the Page Designer plugin seems to have a problem with PNG files on export. They look OK in the preview but generate problems on PDF export. Mostly resulting in no export happening at all.

I realize that I am opening an old post, but I just wanted to check in and see if the problem is still around, especially with the improved page design plugin in SeaTable 3.4.

I will have a look and report back if the bug still shows up. Will be next week earliest though. Nice update btw!

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I just had a quick look at the same base and the “field deleted” messages are still there in the PDF. Not sure if they would go away if I would re-populate the page maybe?! Don’t have the time right now to check unfortunately.

Before you continue testing, please make sure that you are on SeaTable Server v.3.4 and that you have the most recent plugin installed.

In case you test with Firefox, please use Chrome instead.

Yup, both version were updated before testing. We don’t use any chrome-based browsers here but I can install one to see if that makes any difference.

This answer comes a little late but I just wanted to report that I was able to find the problem. I’m not sure if it is a bug or intended but the way it is handled now is a bit confusing IMO. When you set up a template in Page Design and populate it with fields from a view but later hide fields in the table view, those fields are still displayed correctly in the preview but produce the “field deleted” messages in the PDF output. So as it seems for the PDF export to work properly, used fields cannot be hidden in the corresponding view although the preview in Page Design suggests otherwise. I work around this by always creating a view called “Print View” for each table that has no fields hidden at all and use those views to create the Page Design templates. That way I cannot run into any problems later on. I think if it is intended that way, the preview and the PDF should show the same potential output though.

This is going to be fixed in SeaTable 3.5

Can you please try again with SeaTable 3.5?

SeaTable V3.5 was released today. For more, please see SeaTable 3.5 out now!

How exactly is it supposed work now, just so I test for the right thing? Should hidden fields now be displayed in preview and PDF or are they still required to be visible in the table but should accordingly be marked in both if they are hidden?

Values in hidden columns should be displayed in the Page Design editor and should be printed.

Quickly tested with one base and two page templates and it seems to work properly now even with hidden fields :+1:

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