Page designer plug-in - Inserts blank pages and repeats pages

There are 2 basic problems with the the page designer plug-in when we try to print records :

  1. A blank page is added after every static page or record
  2. Static pages are repeated every time we cycle through a record

Lets see an example - Here I have 4 records:

And I have a template with a cover page, a page for the records, and an end page:

So printing all records should result in a 6 page pdf - 1 cover page, 4 record pages, and 1 end page.

But what it produces is a 24 page pdf - 4 cover pages, 4 records, 4 end pages, and 12 blank pages:

The only work around is to manually exclude the blank pages from the print job, but this is very time consuming, and very annoying!

This is a known issue when your page is horizontal. The bug will be fixed in the next release 2.8.

Ah I see. Where can I see the list of known issues, and when is release 2.8 scheduled for?

I’ve checked using portrait layout, and as you say the blank pages are not there, but the cover page and end page are still repeated multiple times.

I’m afraid this is a mis-understanding of the feature. All pages in your page design template will be repeated by the number of records, no matter whether there are row references in the page.

Thanks for the information- but I would still strongly challenge this logic as a use case for this plug-in.

Surely one of the most basic requirements for a printed report or a presentation pdf is that you’re able to put the title etc on the first (cover) page or slide, and that this exists only at the start of the report, and that you can put an end page or slide only once at the end, for credits, thanks etc, with all the (dynamically generated) content in the middle?

Unless I’ve misunderstood what this plug-in is for?

I think your use case is a special one and one which the developers didn not have in mind when implementing the plugin.

Image you want to print certificates for participants of a workshop/course. Or license certificates for software for that matter. Your job then is to design the template in the page design plug-in and to collect all the workshop/course participants or license holders in the table. The page design plugin then generates all the certificates in one go.

Same thing goes for flyers that you want to personalize. Or standardized form letters.

The list is no public. Sorry. But SeaTable 2.8 will be released at the beginning of March.

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