Page Designer - Various Feature Requests

Hi there, I was tinkering with the Page Designer and really like it so far. I have a couple of questions regarding possible features:

  • When using the new Page Number Feature: Is it possible to include the total number of pages? Something like “3 / 6”
  • Is it possible to use regular fields from the table in the header and footer? Would it be possible for instance to define a title or a version column and display that in the footer/header of every page?
  • If the content of a rich text field exceeds its defined area would it be possible to create multiple pages like it is already happening for tables (instead of cropping the content)?

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Welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

I like your feature suggestions.

Currently not supported. I will put it on the feature list.

First part: Currently not supported.
Second part: This is something you can do by simply renaming the template so as to represent the title and/or version. Then use the dynamic element “template name” in the template.

Currently not supported and not easy to implement, especially when you expect following elements to be pushed down.

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