PDF Button: Hyperlink Markup in Email when using the {column name} function

We ran into another issue with formatted email.

We are using a button to send emails with HTML content type.
The HTML email is using the {column name} function.

However - it doesn’t seem to be possible to generate a hyperlink with an {column_type} ?
e.g. < a href= “ {colum_link} ” >Mein Konto verwalten< / a>

The emails contains the direct link of of the columtype (not clickable, and no anchor text in the email) - Thats not very convenient for the user i guess ?

Is there a workaround for that?
I guess that’s a very common usecase to create hyperlinks from {linked_columns} ?

Thank you in advance for any solution or workarounds :slight_smile: !

Thanks for the hint, unfortunately there is no solution yet.
We’ll take a look at the issue.

@fsa thank you for your reply. I guess a native HTML Text editor would work fine for most of us. I guess that might be an easy solution.

Please keep us updated when any solution is on the way.

Just for info: Will this function be part of the next release?

@IDS yes, the function will be included in the new release.

Just a little more patience please, it will be ready soon :wink:

Thank you for the fast reply <3 !

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