PDF column storage?

I’m currently creating a PDF with a button press.
That works well and the PDF is named as expected with one of the field name ex : myfield.pdf
However, I noticed that when I delete the file and recreate it with another push, of the button, the file is named myfield(1).pdf

That suppose that there is a remaining file somewhere even if I deleted it from the base.
Is there a cleaning routine that I missed ?

thanks for explanation,

Files are not saved in the base, but in the base’s file storage. (The file storage is a Seafile repo). When yo drop a file in a file cell, the file is saved in the file storage and linked in the cell.

When you delete a file in the base, you delete the link to the file. You do not delete the file itself.

You can access the file storage of a base via the home page.

PS: We’ll improve file storage access in SeaTable 4.0 significantly.

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no current way to know the size of each base including attachments ?

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