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Good Morning,

we are using the column type “File” to store a PDF in each row.

A user would like to download the PDF files.
As there are too many rows: Is the a simple way to download the PDF-Files?
Open them up and then save them locally is not really an option.

download all files (one Month) at once
or create a simple download button.
or a button with a python script?

Any ideas on that?

best regards, roman

The file column knows a “Download all” option.

If you want to download just some PDFs, create a view that filters the relevant PDFs and use “Download all” then.

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:exploding_head: Thats awsome ! Works perfectly fine !
Big Thanks for the tip!

I love that pdf “download all” functionality. - The super-power is that you can re-name all those files while you download them with a name that makes sense.


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