PDF download doesn't work on some bases

I couldn’t yet figure out what is triggering the behavior, but for some bases the PDF download from the Page Design plugin doesn’t work (tested in all common browsers). What I see is that when starting the download there is a period of “calculation” and then basically nothing happens. The popup window is greyed out for a few seconds and then gets activated again, but no file is generated or downloaded. On other bases when doing the same thing the browser asks for the download location and after selecting it, the file is created as expected. Not sure how to provide more details about the failed downloads/bases. As it was a problem with other things I made sure the base/view names had no special characters or spaces in them.

Any ideas what could be the problem here?

Ha, I found the problem. The pages that refused to generate a PDF all had one thing in common…they had elements extending over the edge of the page template (for example a static image element used as a watermark in the background and extending over the page borders for aesthetic reasons).

As there was no error message at all I was quite lucky to find the culprit. Maybe this can be looked at in a future update?

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Hey thanks for your hint. We will look at this.

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