PDF file has 2 pages although should only have 1

Hi guys,

When I download a PDF of a document that should only be 1 page, it inserts a second empty page. This wasn’t a problem the last time I downloaded a PDF (was probably earlier this year).

I see that there is the option of inserting a header and footer. When I originally laid out the template, I don’t think this option was available. At the time of creating the template, I inserted my footer using static text. Could this be what is causing the second page (because my static text footer crosses over into your footer area)?

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Same problem here. No changes in the base since last time I created the pdf.

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Same Problem @cdb do you have this on the radar?

Will be fixed in SeaTable 3.4 due in a few weeks.

We fixed the issue in SeaTable 3.4.

Could you retest if the problem still persists on your side?

If the issue is a thing of the past, can you please mark as solved?

Hi, just tested it and it works fine! Well done!

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