PDF font on uploaded documents

Hey there, when i upload a PDF in the PDF-Column the font in the preview (within Seatable) changes.
The original font the PDF is Century Gothic. After the upload it seems to be displayed as another random font.

Any ideas on that?

I cannot confirm your observation. Please post a screenshot.

Here is how it looks at my side: left is SeaTable file preview. Right is my desktop editor.

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You omitted essential information for debugging! In particular, do you use SeaTable Cloud or do you self-host?

Hey cdb and thanks for your fast response.
Here is a screenshot. The left side shows the document opend in the browser (within SeaTable) and the right side shows the same document downloaded from Seatable.

If you provide an Email adress, I would send you the document to test it yourself :slight_smile:

Hey roman3281,

When you look at the web preview of a .pdf file in SeaTable, you´ll see an html conversion.
If you aim for pixel perfect reproduction the .pdf format might not be the right format for you in general. The functions “bake into pixels” or “text as curve” in your .pdf exporter/writer might be necessary to get closer to pixel perfect reproduction.

We tested the reproduction in SeaTable with embedded (CID TTF) and text as curve font out of Affinity Designer 1.10.6(PDFlib+PDI 9.3.1-i ) .Even with a decidedly custom font like “huglove” we got a decent enough reproduction.

We suggest you test another .pdf writer/printer, it seems to be an issue with the interpretation of your specific .pdf by SeaTable. As you seem to use a virtual .pdf printer here is a list of options: List of virtual printer software - Wikipedia


@roman3281 I trust that the answer by aco offers a path to follow if not a solution, right? Please mark topic as solved.

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