PDF problems/inconsistencies

I’m seeing quite a lot of problems with the on-server PDF-generation (I’m using the latest self-hosted EE version). I think those are not new but for a specific application I have to create a multitude of PDFs/Prints per record - all of which were created using the Page Design plugin - and ran into quite a few problems/inconsistencies.

1.) the current-date field doesn’t keep the format. In the Page Design plugin it is displayed correctly, in the generated PDF the format is ignored and ISO is displayed.
2.) Depending on which browser is used, saving the PDF to desktop results in empty pages being generated that are not displayed when the PDF is opened using the included PDF viewer (which I guess is just the browser PDF viewer?).
3.) Same as 2. when printing the generated PDF to a printer. Also sometimes (although fit to page is selected) parts of the PDF get cropped. If you avoid PDF generation though and print directly from the Page Design plugin preview all of those things seem to work as expected.
4.) Font weight. When printing the generated PDF directly from the browser the fonts are heavier (blacker so to say) as if the generated PDF is saved to the desktop and printed via system print dialogue. I’m not sure which one is more correct though. In any case there is a very easily visible difference (system is macOS btw).
5.) Font Rendering in general seems rather poor. Meaning letters have inconsistent spacing and a tendency to look low resolution.

Tested browser engines were: Safari, Chrome (Thorium and WebCatalog), Brave and Firefox.

As a side note and general workflow optimization I was thinking maybe there is a chance we could have an option to print directly from a button action. This way one could save the PDF to a file column (which is good enough for having it on record) and printing at the same time (thereby avoiding the PDF generation though) and printing directly like with the print option from the page design plugin. I think this would be a great addition and would save users who (like me) have to create many PDFs per record AND print them, a lot of clicks.

With the new conditional button actions :clap: the creation of multiple PDFs has become so very powerful and easy but the above mentioned issues still hold back the full potential of document creation at this point IMO.

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