Plugin loading error on 4.2 DE selfhosted

I have a running 4.2 selfhosted developper edition that is working well.
I have issues migrating to 4.3 so I currently stick to this version.
A recent issue appeared and I’m trying to find a root base, I made some updates on the ubuntu server and while the seatable still works well, all plugins are now not working at all.
When I try to open the page design, I have a “loading in progress” message that stays forever.
For the other plugins, they just don’t load and block the page.
What could be the issue ? I’m not familiar with the plugins and how they work. Is it javascript ? Which log should I crawl first ?

Thanks a lot for any help

If you update the plugins to the newest version, you also should update SeaTable.
We don’t test the newest versions of the plugins against older SeaTable versions.

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That did the trick. Sorry for the stupid issue and thanks for this quick reply.

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