Postman API Auth-Check 4 Dummies

Happy Easter, gents,

as I’m using the stress-free Corona Easter holidays to play around with Postman, trying to connect via API to my test table (while reminding Christoph about his Integromat webhook integration ;0*), I’ve been stumbling over the simple authentication problem.

Since my background includes 70% IT admin side and only 30% development, I turn to the friendly colleagues and IT brotherhood from the development in the classic way to explain to me muggle what wall I’ve been running into for hours.

Thanks for helping out!

Europe/Germany have been waiting for Seatable for 20 years…

Hi Rjk,

thanks for your interest in the SeaTable API for Postman!

Judging from your screenshot, I’m not sure if you have imported the API from into your Postman directly, or have you just “manually” entered the call details from the manual? Because I don’t see the name of the call. If you have imported them from, it should look like this:

截屏2021-04-03 23.58.40

You see the difference? Importing is easy, just click on the “Run in Postman” in the top right corner at

After the import, you need to update the variables, for example, your username and password, and from then on, your auth token and the base access token. The auth token has the same validity as your password; the access token is valid for 3 days.

I think you are trying to use the call “Get A Base’s Basic Infos”?

From your screenshot, I see at least two problems:

  1. Do not use the “Authorization” bearer, but the “Headers” to include your Authorization as key and “Token XXXX (your access token)” as value. See my screenshot.
  2. Your token seems to be an auth token. To retrieve base basic info, you need the base’s Access token instead.

Hope this helps you! Have a happy Easter!

I’ve just tested the calls, and they are working fine. So I’m moving this post from Bugs & Issues to General.

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The upper right corner… omg, how could I have not seen this ;o)
Thank you @Karlheinz you saved my day!

Keep on with your good work & spirit.

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