Pre-filled fields in a form


I have a table containing details of community organisations and key contacts.

I would like to invite key contacts to check and update the information about their organisation, by sending them a form to complete.

Usually, most of the data will not need updating, so I would like the form to have all the data pre-filled from the table, and allow the respondent to correct any field that needed updating.

In an ideal world, the link would be unique for their organisation, so each respondent could only see and edit their own data.

I’ve looked at Prefill form fields via URL - SeaTable. This allows me to create a form with some pre-filled fields, but not in the way I hoped.

I also considered using the ‘View’ option, and sending them a table, but I think I would have to create as many views as there are rows in the table.

Is there a better way to do this?
Perhaps it is a feature request?

You can achieve this by creating a universal app.

You can think these organizations as users in your app.

It involves the following steps:

  1. Add a collaboration column in your table, for example, column “Assigned to”
  2. Create a table page in the app with filter “Assigned to contain the current user”
  3. Create an invitation link for your app, and let the users register an account in and join your app.
  4. Assign these users to the “Assigned to” column for the corresponding rows.
  5. The users should now be able to see the rows and modify the rows in the table page of the app.
  6. You can additionally create a custom page in the app and add some help text to guide your users.

Hi daniel.pan,

Thanks for writing this. I have been looking for this solution!

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