Preselect date in calendar widget in web forms

How can you specify the value for the preselection in the small calendar. Example: I book a room from June 12, 2023 (column 1 from) to June 20, 2023 (column 2 to). In the small calendar window I have to click my way from today’s date through all the months. Can you tell the 2nd column start at least on June 12th. Then it would be much more comfortable when entering. Thank you for help

If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to create a dependency between two date fields in a web form. By “the small calendar”, you mean the calendar widget?

This is not supported yet.

Hence, this is a feature request. I took the liberty of re-categorizing it accordingly.

I think that’s right. But isn’t that standard across the applications.
Who would like to click through half the year twice today (standard value) for a booking in July? That’s not user-friendly.

Like on ore other platforms.

You realize that you are comparing a generic multi-purpose database solution (SeaTable) to a highly specialized, single purpose application (booking engine)?

You’re absolut right. I just thought a calendar function that doesn’t have to start from the beginning is normal. If we expect colleagues and customers to work with our tool, we have to ensure a high level of acceptance. The feedback comes from our people. Unfortunately, if you are asked to enter data on a daily basis, these are the questions we receive. I figured it’s on us for not getting this right in the presets.
We still think the tool is great and are currently testing how we can use it in our company.