Preselect option from linked table in Form / gather Informations from linked table

Hi, heres what I’m trying to accomplish.
I have a table Called events, containing a venue name, date and time, address and so on. That one is linked to a table “participants”.
What I’m now trying to accomplis via Web Form is for one to have a preselected option that the user can’t change for the event. If I’m organising multiple events and want to send out links to people for signup, I want to predefine what event they sign up for.
A second nice feature would be if I could fetch data in the signup form from the events, this means that I can add information from the event table in the signup form, like address, date and time of the event, and so on.

Please have a look at this topic: Webforms with hidden or read-only fields? - #5 by daniel.pan

The implementation of the read-only prefilled values - as mentioned in the above topic - is delayed, but it will be part of the release SeaTable 3.4 in a few weeks.

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Good news! SeaTable 3.4 is out now and the new release comes with a massively improved webform prefill feature. You can read more about it here.

I guess this solves your request, right?

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perfect! thank you very much :slight_smile:

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