Problem with Page Design plugin after update

Hello, I think there is some problem with page design plugin. When i press on plugin, it show a transparent background with only page design logo in the left.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin?

And on a general note: Whenever you post, please mention a.) SeaTable Cloud vs. Self-hosted; b.) when self-hosted, which version; c.) browser used.

@rdb yes, i have uninstall and reinstall the plugin. I am using self hosted. browser is Microsoft edge.


it was working initially. but I try to update to 2.4.1 using command line “docker pull seatable/seatable:2.4.1”

and i think plugin stop working after it.

OK, I understand. Thanks for the additional information. It seems that the update broke the plugin.

Did you follow the update instructions in the SeaTable Manual at (A docker pull is NOT enough!)

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin after the update or before? If before, try again. Make sure that you use the latest version of the plugin.

Please also try with a different browser. Also check if there is any error message in the browser console.

I know that the Page Design plugin works just fine with SeaTable 2.4 - at least with Firefox and Chrome.

I have removed all plugin at “system admin”

However, inside my base " add plugin" , my calendar plugin is still there.

May i know how to remove it?

The calendar plugin is part of SeaTable Server. You cannot remove it. (Why do you want to remove it? Aren’t we talking about the Page Design plugin?)

i thought it is a bug that prevent it from removing as i want to remove all plugin and reinstall them.

anyway , after i remove all plugin , reinstall all of them, they are working well. even the page design download pdf is working. :star_struck:

thank you very much for your assistance.

Pleased to hear!

I took the liberty to change the title of your post. Apparently, this was not bug, but an update problem.

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