Problem with Python scripts and/or API on self-hosted

Hoping I can get some help with my self-hosted configuration that I am currently in the process of setting up. Using a VM with a port forward to http://localhost:8991 (https doesn’t work for some reason). Everything otherwise works fine, except for a couple of issues which I think might be related to API configuration. 1) Python scripts wont run. I get an error “Failed to get the script”

. Additionally I tried to setup Templates using the instructions in the Manual. Looks good, but I get an Internal Server Error when clicking on the Templates link. I have both the Master base and template base setup properly with the correct API token for the Master Base in the file. I was thinking the common thread is the API token / API configuration. I can’t seem to connect to the API at all. Is that it only works with SSL / https? Is there anyway to get the API to work with http://localhost instead of https ? Or alternatively get the application to work on https on localhost?

To be honest, you are outside the recommended scenario, and it is difficult for us to support via forum every possible use case.

My recommendation would be that you book a Virtual Server at Hetzner. This costs just 4 € per Month. You don’t Even need a domain, just use as described here in the manual: Custom Certificates - SeaTable Admin Manual

This will avoid a lot of headache, and you will save hours of troubleshooting.

Could you solve your problem?

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I am not allowed to change the domain at the moment, but will test in the future.