Problem with Zapier

I have a dozen Zaps connected to one database in the Seatable. And until yesterday everything was working normally.

Yesterday I upgraded my Zapier account from Starter to Professional plan. And zapier’s polling interval time was changed from 15 to 2 minutes.

Today I got multiple error messages on all of mine zaps and none of them work. I think the change from 15 to 2 minutes is overloading for the Seatable.

Do you have any idea how I can solve the problem? thanks in advance

Hi dimitar.tuparov, thanks for posting, this is a very interesting question.

This looks pretty much running into throttling or request limits.

I’d suggest you take a look to schedule your Zaps to run at specific intervals, or use filters so your Zap only triggers on certain days/times. If you get back to 15 minute interval it should already work if it did work with the free account 15 minute period.

The error message you’re posting is effectively caused by the retry-limit, just misleading, we’ll fix that in SeaTable Zapier Integration version 2.1.12. If you send me a private message with your Zapier account Email I can invite you pre-release (release is roughly planned for this week).

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