Problems in Page Design

I have some issues with the page Designer i wanted to list:

In generell its a bit lag heavy, but thats not to bad for usage.
Date format is not applied while printing eg. changes from 01.01.1999 to 01-01-1999
As far as i know this bug is well known

“All records in view” element is a very nice Feature but has some weaknesses in my opinion:

  • Its missing the option to automatically keep the set width, every change will mess with the alignment.
  • The headers cant line brake, wich makes it more difficult to fit the page in some instances.
  • Its not possible to print Link formulas or choice options in plain text, only with colours / background greys. This can only be circumnavigated by mirroring the Choice option or Link formula in an other Formula, wich doubles the needed columns to print them in a file ( in my case i need an extra 40 - 50 columns just to get around that issue).
  • The pictures dont scale with the rows and can neither be set to fill nor set to center (The center option is also missing for text as far as i see).
    I mean it says LED right there, but i wouldn’t be able to tell from the pictures :smiley:

Most of these are not that big of a problem or can be worked around but mess with the ease of usage.
The Pictures not scaling on the other hand hurts me since I can do nothing about it.