[Python] Pass custom _id with append_row since 4.4

Since 4.4, I notice a change on behaviour of append_row function :

Indeed, my script to duplicate row :
current_row = context.current_row (+ various modif data)
trow = base.append_row(current_table, current_row_modif)
is throwing error ‘already existing row’

I have added a current_row_modif.pop(‘_id’) before append_row to solve this.

If this can help others.

Hey @Remi,

thanks for this hint. It is true, that currently it is possible to pass your own _id during the creation of a row. I will clarify if this is intentional, but I would not recommend using this feature at all.

Therefore, thanks for your hint, how to overcome this problem, if you just copy and paste existing rows in a table.

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